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About Me

Luis Venegas is a testament to the power of resilience and ambition. His story is one of a continuous quest for knowledge and excellence. As a successful IT student with a minor in Cybersecurity, Luis has leveraged his academic learnings to excel in his role as a DevOps Engineer. His commitment to improving systems and processes through automation and innovative solutions has marked him as a standout professional in his field.

Luis’s history is as rich and diverse as his skills. After honorably serving in the Marine Corps, he spent a decade honing his expertise in the automotive industry. This chapter of his life taught him the value of precision, efficiency, and teamwork—qualities that he seamlessly transitioned into his tech career when he decided to pivot and pursue his passion for technology.

Behind his success is his family, his rock. Luis is a proud father of two energetic boys, aged 2 and 6, and credits his amazing wife for her unwavering support from day one. Her encouragement was crucial in his decision to return to school and in every challenge he has faced since. Together, they build a life full of learning, love, and the joy of following one’s dreams.